Introduction to Duxton Capital

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Leading Agribusiness Asset Manager 

Duxton is a leading participant in Australian agricultural investing with an aim to be a world leader in sustainable agriculture at scale. Duxton provides specialist investment opportunities for institutional, semi-institutional, family office and high net-worth investors.

Duxton currently manages or advises investments in Australian farming operations across three States and one Territory including commodities such as water, grains, cattle,  viticulture, dried fruit, dairy, walnuts, bees and apples.

As at 31 March 2022, Duxton has AUD ~$1.1bn assets under management, advice and administration. Of this, AUD $931 million comprises agricultural investments.

Highly Experienced Leadership 

The Duxton Group was founded in 2009 following a spin-out from  the Deutsche Bank Complex Assets team. Duxton’s Australian  management team comprises Ed Peter, Stephen Duerden and  Simon Stone.

Duxton employs over 60 staff members. And the Investment and Executive team consists of 21 staff.



    Duxton Agricultural Advantage

    Unique Approach to Investing

    Duxton employs a differentiated approach to investing in  agriculture with a central premise that focuses on broad  diversification across geographies, commodities and  investment time horizons. In addition Duxton focuses on balance sheet management to ensure effective budget over-sight, operational controls and HR management across its  investments.

    Value Creation

    Duxton aims to not only take advantage of the systemic shift in soft commodity prices, but also to actively invest in farmland to increase operational yields through implementing  farming efficiencies, achieving both capital growth and a steady yield.

    Local Experience

    Duxton actively selects top-tier farm managers with local  experience and track records. Duxton then works with these  managers to add value through consolidation, utilisation,  human capital management and technology.

    Aligned Interests

    Duxton actively invests alongside its clients, ensuring  Duxton’s interests aligns with those of its investors.